Uncategorized Pregnancy Nausea? Try These Morning Sickness Natural Remedies

Pregnancy Nausea? Try These Morning Sickness Natural Remedies

Being pregnant is certainly happy news for many families, but we often forget just what problems a woman has to go through during that time. Take morning sickness as an example. This is the way for your body to tell you that you are pregnant, and it was used for centuries before ultrasounds and pregnancy tests even existed as a bringer of good news. Of course, if you are a woman and suffering from it right now, you are not interested in this but rather what morning sickness natural remedies you can use.

Among the many morning sickness natural remedies, ginger in particular stands out as a very effective one. This spicy-tasting herb can give a pregnant woman a lot relief for her upset stomach. In addition to that, many people (not just pregnant women) use ginger for its warming effect during the colder months of the year. Both crystallized ginger and ginger tea will work just fine. Compared to mint, for instance, which can also be used as a remedy for morning sickness, ginger is slightly more expensive to purchase. However, you can always prepare ginger tea by yourself. In order to make ginger tea, simply grind half a tablespoon for 1 cup of tea and let it rest for 5-6 minutes. For a bit of taste, you can squeeze a little lemon or add some honey to your ginger tea.

Staying hydrated is considered one of the best morning sickness natural remedies there is and it really cant be any simpler than this. Drinking enough water is important if you want your organism to function properly and this is even more important if you are pregnant. It is always a good idea to have a reusable water bottle and you can even buy one with a built-in filter in your local store. With this, you can use tap water and make it somewhat cleaner, so you dont have to buy new water every day.

Morning Sickness Natural Remedies – Smaller Meals

Switching to smaller meals can also give you some much needed help when you are having problems with morning sickness. The reasoning behind this is that the reflex to vomit will very often occur when the stomach feels overwhelmed if you put too much food in it. Instead of eating the regular three large meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), switch to six smaller ones and add a snack between the main meals. These smaller meals can be just to take an apple, banana or other fruit, but they will help you a lot by reducing the vomiting reflex considerably. Of course, sometimes having smaller meals will not be enough alone to completely eliminate this effect, but it will make it easier for you to handle it. Naturally, there are other morning sickness natural remedies that can provide you with some measure of relief, but these three are, in my opinion, your best choice, and the easiest to prepare and use.