Understanding 8 Heart Disease Risk Factors

Heart disease is possible to strike anyone, anytime; so don’t let your guard down on it. It is quite important to find out more about the risk factors of heart disease  first before getting to know what to do to avoid this deadly disease. Keep your attention to the following points as listed below. Stress […]

Pregnancy Nausea? Try These Morning Sickness Natural Remedies

Being pregnant is certainly happy news for many families, but we often forget just what problems a woman has to go through during that time. Take morning sickness as an example. This is the way for your body to tell you that you are pregnant, and it was used for centuries before ultrasounds and pregnancy […]

Natural remedies for menopause weight gain

Menopause characterizes the ending stage of the reproductive period of woman’s life. It is a part of the life when the menstrual period stops and brings many differences in the ordinary life. Cold gets hot and opposite. Some women take this condition with a few or no serious symptoms at all, but some of them […]

How to Make Your Own Honey and Onion Cough Syrup Recipe

Secrets for Extraordinary Health Make sure you Like Secrets for Extraordinary Health on Facebook or Follow Secrets for Extraordinary Health on Pinterest to get early updates on tutorials, natural remedies and other health posts. Coughing is annoying. Everyone can testify to that. It leads to sore throat, chest pains and headache. Cough is a very […]

Can the Birth Control Pill Help Clear Up Problem Skin?

There has been a lot of discussion around whether certain birth control pills can really help women who have acne get clear skin. Well, it’s absolutely true – and if you’re willing to be on the pill, which has some unpleasant side effects if you ask some (including me), then you may just also enjoy […]